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Best Health and Fitness Advice

The Best Health Advice You've Ever Received Was . . .

I recently told you that the best fitness advice I ever received was, "In order to lose weight, you need to up your cardio." This little gem really helped kick my butt into gear to lose the extra weight I gained while living it up in my college days. I asked you to share the best advice you've heard regarding health and fitness and here's what you said.

  • "Losing weight is about diet not exercise." — onlysourcherry
  • "You can't out-exercise crappy eating!" — anonymous reader ksduffster
  • "I think you, FitSugar, had something on here about your shape being 20% working out and 80% what you eat. That changed how I thought about getting 'in shape.'" — brindey
  • Graze With Me lives by this key phrase: "Respect your fullness & honor your hunger."
  • "Be the healthiest version of me that I can be." — GlowingMoon
  • 2muchtv says, "Be active in everything, not just the hour you spend exercising."

I have only included a few bits of wisdom, so if you want to hear the other great advice and tips, head over to the original post.

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Kaolla Kaolla 6 years
This isn't exactly an advice but something my best friend once said to me that really made me change my attitude towards health and exercising. She said "it's ironic that you being physically the healthiest person I know, you're making yourself sick by completely obsessing about health and exercising." (I was constainly thinking if I could eat healthier or could my exercising be more benefical somehow..) It just gave me a whole new perspective that you're seriously damn lucky if you don't have any nasty illnesses etc to worry about - and it WOULD be crazy to let your healthy body turn into a sick body because you can't control your mind.
Diana615 Diana615 6 years
It's not rocket science....less in more out.
Diana615 Diana615 6 years
Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels.
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