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Best Healthy Living Advice From Dad

The Best Healthy Living Advice From Dad

Happy (almost) Father's Day! Last week we asked you to tell us your favorite healthy living advice from dear old Dad. Here's what you had to say about what your dad taught you!

Make it a lifestyle: Many of your dads were all about teaching by example — living a healthy, active life. "My dad played sports all his life, and while he switched from rugby to tennis in his 30s, and tennis to golf and fly fishing in his 50s, he showed me that being active is a way of life," FitSugar Fitness Director Susi May shared. Facebook fan Brianna's dad instilled in her a love of running, and it paid off. "My dad is a huge runner. He's a former naval officer. Growing up, I always used to look at him in wonder when he could run 10 miles. Now, I can outpace and outdistance him," she shared on our Facebook page. And reader Donna2454460's dad showed her the importance of strength training. "I learned that I need to do weights 3 times a week on non consecutive days to see the best result! He also taught proper form on many strength exercises. He always encouraged me to go to the gym," she said.

Every little bit counts: Think you don't have enough time to exercise? Take a page from reader Aimster2758268's dad's book. "I learned to always find time to exercise, even if it's just 20 minutes every other day; it's better than nothing," she wrote. "I now find ways to add more walking to my day by parking far away from my destination, walking up hill towards my destination, bike riding and taking stairs whenever possible." Similarly, anecdote follows this sage dad's advice: "Fit in a workout first thing in the morning so you can go about your day later."


Nutrition is important: It's not all about exercise; many of your dads also taught you the importance of eating right. Reader le romantique's dad taught her to "take fish oil/omega-3s/eat more fish," and Facebook fan Mick's dad offered this wise tidbit: "Get more fiber!"

Do it for your health: Yes, many of us exercise for vanity's sake, but FitSugar reader nikkisoda has learned a valuable lesson from her dad, a four-time cancer survivor. "My dad has always taken great care of himself. Always played in sports, tried to eat right. It is no surprise that if my Dad hadn't taken such wonderful care of his body and mind (he was so positive through all of his treatments) he would not be here today," she wrote. "I run because of my dad. I do spin because of my dad. I stay active because of my dad. I eat well because of my dad. I stay positive because of my dad. He taught me to never take anyone, including yourself, for granted. Love life, and live it." Words to live by.

Check out more healthy advice from dads here, and if you haven't yet, then share your own dad's best advice below!

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