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Best Leggings For Your Workout

The 5 Best Leggings For Your Fitness Routine

Reebok On the Move Capri ($45)


Speed and strength is a key component to jump-start your day with a morning Spinning class. The possibility of your workout pant becoming caught in the pedals can be a setback, so we recommend these capri-length leggings. They're tight fitting and won't sidetrack your brain during your ride. The leggings are made out of play-dry fabric, which wicks moisture away from your skin to keep your legs dry during those intense intervals. This specific capri-style legging is versatile as it also works great for running since the exposed calf invites extra air for cooling and avoids bunching up at the knee.


Brooklyn Decker's top pick for leggings is Reebok! She says she owns ten pairs. "With leggings, your focus isn't on your legs and how they look. It's on comfort."

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