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Best Makeup-Removing Towelettes For Your Gym Bag

Wipe Your Face Before Your Workout

Daily workouts clear my mind, but all that sweat can interfere with clear skin. The best way to fight a sweat-induced breakout is to wash your face before exercising; it's not the sweat that will clog your pores but the makeup and grime you grind into your pores wiping the perspiration off your face. Rather than sudsing up with soap and water, I save time by wiping off my makeup with towelettes designed to do just that — remove makeup. Here are the pros and cons of three brands to consider tossing into your gym bag:

  • Bioré Makeup Removing Towelettes With Green Tea
    Pros: Effectively removes makeup and is alcohol-free. Leaves zero greasy residue, making this a good choice for oily skin. Resealable packaging works well — towelettes did not dry out at all.
    Cons: These towelettes feel a bit harsh due to their bumpy texture, and they can sting the eyes. If you have sensitive skin this might feel too drying.
    Cost: $8 for 30

  • Frais Towelettes
    Pros: These smell amazing and have no chemical scent. The towel itself is very soft. The first ingredient listed is water, and shea butter is the fourth ingredient, so they feel really natural. Plus the towelettes are alcohol-free. The two resealable packets are small, making them great for hauling to the gym.
    Cons: The cost makes these makeup removers feel like a luxury item. You might have difficulty finding these in chain drugstores, though they are available online at Beauty Habit.
    Cost: $10 for one pack

  • Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes
    Pros: These towelettes are effective at removing eye makeup, even waterproof mascara. The towels are soft, and the cleansing agent feels gentle. They're easy to find at your local chain drugstore, and the resealable package keeps towelettes wet and fresh.
    Cons: I found the scent a bit too perfumey, and the package is a bit big for hauling around.
    Cost: $8 for 25

How do you clean your face before getting your sweat on?

Join The Conversation
LaurenRose1 LaurenRose1 6 years
I always find that a warm flannel or face cloth is the best way -- no chemicals or nasties getting into my pores, just nice clear H20!
srk2780 srk2780 6 years
I use the Biore cloths. Target's version of the Biore cloths are pretty good, too. I prefer the name brand, but I use the Target ones every now and then.
I don't... but I guess I should start!
bjeanne18 bjeanne18 6 years
Boots No. 7 Quick Thinking Wipes are the only wipes that don’t irritate my skin. They are not greasy nor foamy and they take off even the toughest mascara. It’s a British brand I think, but you can buy it at Target.
wiat25 wiat25 6 years
I use the Neutrogena one. It is the only make-up towelette I have found that does not burn my eyes. It cleans up my make-up in about two to three swipes. I love them!
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