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The Best Moves For a Stronger Butt

Want a Bigger Booty? Emma Stone's Trainer Wants You to Do These 2 Moves

There are countless posts on Instagram that are devoted to booty gains. Whether it's a personal trainer who has been growing her butt for months or a gym enthusiast who shares her favorite workouts, we're seeing a whole lot of glute growth lately. Jason Walsh, celebrity trainer and founder of fitness studio Rise Nation, knows exactly what it takes to build a booty, and he gave POPSUGAR the rundown on what he recommends for his clients.

Jason spent three intensive months training full-time with Emma Stone as she was getting ready to play tennis legend Billie Jean King in Battle of the Sexes. He was the driving force behind her incredible transformation — she put on 15 pounds of pure muscle. In order to build overall physical strength in your body, Jason says it all starts with your booty.

"The butt has been the focal point of my training philosophy for a long, long time," Jason told POPSUGAR. "It's the largest muscle in the body, and it has a huge role in what it does." As nice as it is to look at a firm, round butt, Jason is talking about much more than aesthetics here.

If you look at someone who struggles with chronic back pain, for example, "you'll find that their butt is so dysfunctional and weak that it doesn't help the hips do their jobs or aid the hips," Jason explained. "Lower back pain is directly related to dysfunctional glutes." When you focus on strengthening your booty, you not only shape your lower body, but you help your entire body function more smoothly and efficiently.

So what are Jason's top recommendations? "The hip thrusting and single leg squats are two of the best exercises," he shared. These movements "really isolate" your glutes, so you get the most bang for your buck. Hip thrusts are performed with a barbell across your hips, and your upper body rests on a bench as your thrust the weight upwards. As for single leg squats, Jason says Bulgarian split squats are the best kind.

When you first start out doing these exercises, it might be hard to activate your butt. "If you're feeling it in your quads, it's because your butt isn't working," Jason told POPSUGAR. That's totally normal, though. Just keep doing the exercises with the correct form and don't be afraid to ask for help from a personal trainer at your gym if you have any specific questions.

Just doing these exercises twice a week will get you results, but it's important that you use heavy weights so that you challenge your muscles and encourage them to grow. When you're doing the Bulgarian split squats, Jason suggests you lean your torso more forward, as this will "help with the isolation."

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