We Found 8 Genius Products That Hold Your Phone While You Work Out, and They're Game Changers

May 14 2019 - 6:10am

How many times have I put my phone down on the unspeakably dirty gym floor and thought, there must be a better way to do this? Actually, let's not count. If you've been there, too, or have ever found yourself on a run, clutching a phone in one sweaty hand and feeling one shoulder get progressively more sore (again, me), then is this gear roundup for you. We found the eight most ingenious ways of storing your phone during your workout, fitness class, or run so you can keep it safe and clean, with easy access for changing songs, answering texts, or taking an Instagram-scroll break. Convenient, comfortable, and here to solve one of your most common complaints? Grab your phone and let's get going.

Core 10 Women's Longline Pocket Sports Bra

Excuse us for being a little obsessed with the Core 10 Women's Longline Pocket Sports Bra [2] ($25). Slip your phone in the back and get full, comfortable coverage up front with this simple, functional bra — available up to size 3XL.

Iuga High-Waisted Yoga Pants With Pockets

High-waisted, sleek, and stretchy, the deep side pocket is only one of many wonderful things about the Iuga High-Waisted Yoga Pants With Pockets [3] ($22).

Tribe Water-Resistant Cell Phone Armband

The Tribe Water-Resistant Cell Phone Armband [4] ($10) saves your phone from damage and keeps it easily accessible on your arm for whenever you need to change a song.


The Flipbelt [5] ($29) has multiple pockets to store your phone, keys, and snacks, and the stretchy material ensures a comfortable, bounce-free fit. You can buy sizes from XS to 2XL based on your waist size, so there's no slippage to worry about.

Gear Beast Smartphone Fitness and Running Backpack

The Gear Beast Smartphone Fitness and Running Backpack [6] ($20) is bounce- and chafe-free, and so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it. (Read our full review here [7].)

Oiselle Toolbelt Roga Shorts

Durable and comfortable, the Oiselle Toolbelt Roga Shorts [8] ($60) give you five full pockets to fit your phone, keys, gels, lip balms, and anything else you could want during a workout.

Sport2People Running Belt

Jam the Sport2People Running Belt [9] ($17) full of snacks, money, keys, and of course, your phone — it still won't budge. The belt is also reflective, making it a great choice for night runs.

Koala Clip

Slide your phone into the Koala Clip [10] ($29), snap it onto the back of your sports bra or leggings, and forget about it. It's water-resistant, machine-washable, bounce-free, and even has insulation for cold-weather runs.

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