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Best Smoothie to Drink Before a Run

The Pre-Workout Smoothie That Fuels You Up but Feels Like a Treat

Finding the perfect prerun meal can include a lot of trial and error. Forget all the guesswork, and blend up this all-natural smoothie that Runner's World contributing chef Pam Anderson loves to sip before a long run. Creamy, sweet, and fruity, this fueling smoothie's flavor is reminiscent of black forest cake — all under 300 calories.

Good-For-You Black Forest Blizzard

From The Runner's World Cookbook by Joanna Sayago Golub

Best Smoothie to Drink Before a Run


  1. 1/2 heaping cup frozen dark sweet cherries
    1/2 frozen banana, cut into chunks
    1/2 cup chocolate soy or low-fat chocolate milk
    2 tablespoons low-fat Greek yogurt
    1 teaspoon honey
    1/8 teaspoon almond extract
    2 Famous Chocolate Wafers or chocolate graham crackers, crumbled


  1. Combine the cherries, banana, milk, yogurt, honey, and almond extract in a blender. Process until creamy-smooth.
  2. Pour into a glass, and top with wafers or graham crackers.

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