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From the Community: The 5 Best Post-Yoga Snacks

Do you find yourself hungry after yoga class? FitSugar reader YogaGirlAli shared her favorite post-yoga class snacks in our Snack Attack: Healthy Snack Ideas community group.

I've been known to be lying in Savasana, while the teacher is telling everyone to close their eyes and forget all of their thoughts, and all I can do is pray that no one will hear my stomach grumbling. I mean, we practically just sweat ourselves dry and I lost track after the 13th Chatturunga; I want to get up and get some nutrients pumping through my veins!

The good news is, I normally crave something healthy — my body feels clean and detoxified and now I just need a nice quick snack from my yoga bag to leave the studio feeling nourished and go on with the remainder of my day. In addition I find that a quick snack leaves me feeling satisfied enough so that Im not starving by lunchtime and can still make healthy decisions and right food choices.


See the snack ideas after the break!

So here is a list of the five best post-yoga snacks ever that I have come up with — enjoy!

You like it raw!

1) Bananas — You may have noticed bananas to be a popular choice among fellow yogis. The truth is they're loaded with potassium — a vital mineral for the regeneration of cells and tissues in the human body (oh, and did you know it is also an electrolyte?!). They provide a good source of dietary fiber: about four grams for one large banana. Also, they are sweet and delicious!

Sweet and filling!

2) Chocolate Peanut Butter (single serve packets) — I am a peanut butter lover! And what happens when you combine peanut butter and dare I say, chocolate? Yes. You get a delightfully nutritious snack with a good source of healthy fats, only about seven  grams of sugar, and a bit of protein! Squeeze it right from the packet and enjoy on the run.

Gimme the protein!

3) Unsweetened Greek Yogurt — Greek yogurt is loaded with protein! Because of the fact that the extra fluid is strained out of it, it has practically double the protein of normal yogurt; about 17 grams in only 6 oz! Its natural tartness and thick and creamy consistency will satisfy your taste buds and leave you feeling full.

Looking for some crunch!

4) Carrots - Crunchy, a little sweet, and nutrient-dense! Carry a bag of baby organic or organic whole carrots in your bag for a nutritious and hydrating snack and a good dose of Vitamin A.

Not your average energy drink!

5) Coconut Water — The most important thing to do after a yoga class (especially those sweaty ones) is rehydrate. Our bodies need water! Coconut water is loaded with electrolytes (potassium!) and has a nice subtle flavor. You will feel replenished and refreshed with only about an 8 or 9 oz glass, so drink up the good stuff!

Join the fun by sharing your own healthy snack ideas in our Snack Attack: Healthy Snack Ideas community group. Your post may end up on our homepage!

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