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You Asked: Is Morning the Best Time to Do Yoga?

Dear Fit,
The holidays are fast approaching, and I wish I loved this time of year but I'm already stressed out about hosting Thanksgiving dinner, what to get for my picky in-laws, and dealing with traveling. I've heard yoga can help people relax, so I wanted to give it a try. A friend of mine says that she does a short session in the morning every day, including sun salutations (whatever those are), and a sequence of standing and seated yoga poses. I'm really not a morning person, but if practicing in the a.m. will help me calm down after realizing a flight to my parents house for X-mas is going to cost over $1,000, then I'm ready to set my alarm early. What do you think, is morning yoga more beneficial?
—Aspiring Yogi

I'm really excited for you to try out yoga because personally it's helped me find inner balance, and I always feel calmer and more grounded after my practice. Although yoga can help relieve stress and tension, it's no free ride to tranquility town. What it can do is help clear your mind, so you're better equipped to handle the frustrations the holidays tend to throw our way. To find out if there's a perfect time to get on your mat


Many people believe that yoga must be practiced in the morning, but really whatever time works for you is when you should practice. You should not eat for two hours before doing yoga, so that's why many people choose morning yoga before they've had breakfast. They may also like how it gives them some alone time before their busy day begins, and getting it done first thing ensures that they'll have the energy and time to practice. On the other hand, some people may be too hungry or stiff in the morning, or they may not be able to wake up early enough to fit in a complete practice. They may prefer practicing in the evening because it helps relieve stress from their day, and helps them relax before bed.


So the decision is up to you, and the bottom line isn't what time you practice, it's that you practice period. If you have flexibility (no pun intended) in your schedule, try out a class at different times of the day to discover what you prefer. Keep in mind that certain poses and types of yoga are calming and some are invigorating, so depending on the yoga you choose, you might prefer morning, noon, and night!

All you yogis out there, I'm wondering what time of day do you prefer practicing yoga? Visit the Yoga Stretch and Tell group and share.

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