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Best Vegan Meats

8 Mock Meats That Will Fool Diehard Meat Eaters

Best Vegan Meats
Image Source: Jolia Allen

Whether you're jonesing for a juicy burger, some finger-lickin' chicken, or hearty meatballs, it's now easier and tastier than ever to turn to plant-based fauxs to get your fix. Sure, you can get plenty of plant-based protein from whole foods like beans, legumes, grains, and nuts, but satisfying your cravings for familiar "meaty" foods (whether you're a hardcore vegan or just trying to eat less meat) is half the battle — and half the fun! — of experimenting with a veg diet. Enter the new wave of mock meat alternatives: tasty doppelgängers with stellar mouth feel and taste profiles that would fool even diehard meat eaters, or at least leave them asking for seconds.

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