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Best Way to Exercise When You're Short on Time

What's Your Favorite Way to Exercise When You're Short on Time?

Lately I've been longing for a long workout at the gym or a yoga class, but my schedule only has room for exercise that is far less time-consuming. But just because a workout isn't long doesn't mean it can't be useful.

Whether it's just taking a walk or popping in a DVD before work, short bursts of cardio can be just as effective as longer ones if you up your workout's intensity, which lets you reap the calorie-burning rewards. And best of all, you don't have to try to fit in a superlong fitness session around a too busy schedule, or feel guilty for not being able to get moving.

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nina819 nina819 6 years
I think a quick circuit with free weights always works
jpconcierge jpconcierge 6 years
walk the dog with bursts of runs in between
GummiBears GummiBears 6 years
Jumping rope for the win.
etraines etraines 6 years
blast music and dance in my apartment
michlny michlny 6 years
Jump rope!
trinachka trinachka 6 years
When I run I usually end up going for a little longer than I intend to (because I lose track of time or just want to make it to that next landmark), so I like a cardio machine to keep track of my minutes. For the most multitasking I like to do bicep curls and overhead presses with free weights while on the stairclimber. That gets me sweating faster and more profusely than an elliptical, though I do like the elliptical for when I'm having a hard time motivating.
runswimmerrun runswimmerrun 6 years
Run stairs. You can do this anywhere, even at the office. (No one is ever in the stairwells if you work in an elevator building.)It's so intense; you really feel in only 5 minutes. I also do this when I'm cold at my desk in the winter.
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