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After Trying Endless Pairs of Sneakers, These Are the Best Weightlifting Shoes I Own

As much I like to shop for sneakers, I haven't had much luck lately when it comes to finding the right pair of shoes for lifting weights. Most shoes have too much support, which means my feet can't really feel the ground and I run the risk my form turning to crap when I'm squatting or deadlifting. That's why I've been doing most of my weightlifting sessions barefoot lately. But I figured it was time to find a solid pair of strength-training shoes, so I went on a hunt.

My friend mentioned the brand Vivo Barefoot to me and I was curious enough to try it out. I'd heard that their shoes are minimalist yet still stylish, and that they provided just the right amount of support for various activities, from hiking to weightlifting to cross training.

I ordered two pairs: the Kanna in white ($125) and the Primus Trail in black ($150). It didn't take long for me to fall in love with both pairs, but particularly the Kanna since they were a little lighter and went with just about everything I owned. Not only did I get a ton of compliments when I started wearing them around the gym (and even to the office on my athleisure days), but they were perfect for all my weightlifting sessions.


The Kannas truly did make me feel like I was almost barefoot. I could grip into the floor with my toes when I was lifting heavy and there was a lot of room for my feet to breathe so they never felt suffocated, no matter how long my strength-training sessions were. And even though they're really light, they're extremely durable. I've been wearing them almost daily since I got them a couple months ago and they still look and feel brand new!

I've been recommending these shoes to my clients a lot lately because it's the perfect middle ground between overdeveloped sneakers and going totally barefoot. If you want to step up your strength-training game, I highly recommend ordering a pair yourself.

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