Attention Leos: These Are the 3 Workouts You Need to Try Now

Aug 16 2017 - 1:06pm

Leo is a bold sign; as a Leo yourself, you're warm, fiery, and fierce. You also love to be admired, appreciated, and complimented — and to be the best in the room. Find a workout or style of fitness that highlights your strengths and feeds into the things you love, so you'll be more inclined to keep coming back (and in turn, get fitter and healthier day by day!). Remember, Leo, that fitness is all about doing what's best for yourself, not what makes you look the best to everyone else — but it doesn't hurt to give yourself some moments to shine. Here are three workouts you need to try.

Kickboxing or Muay Thai

Nothing like a little one-on-one combat to let yourself shine and "be the best," right? Try this at-home kickboxing workout [2] to get started, and look into trying a Muay Thai [3] class near you!

Weight Lifting

Building strength and muscle through lifting weights will give you the power you need to kick ass in all other workouts, leading you to be (and feel!) awesome — a win-win. Try a 20-minute workout with weights [4] to start dabbling in weighted exercises.

Team Sports

Get ready for a literal pat on the back from friends and teammates — a dream come true! This is a chance to showcase your skills and prowess in a team setting where you can get the affirmation you deserve (and desire!). This dynamic and positive cycle will definitely keep you coming back for more. Try signing up for club soccer, volleyball, or even something fun and wild like Quidditch [5] or Frisbee [6]!

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