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Best and Worst Fish Choices

We all know that eating fish is a great way to get protein and Omega-3s but what about all that mercury and pollution from the ocean? It's hard to know which fish are considered safe and which aren't so Oceans Alive, a team of professionals who focus on protecting ecosystems and fisheries, has created a great list on the best (high in omega 3s and low in environmental contaminants) and worst seafood to eat. To see if your favorite fish makes the list (best or worst),

Best Worst
Abalone (U.S. farmed) Caviar (wild)
Anchovies Chilean seabass/toothfish
Arctic char (farmed) Cod - Atlantic
Catfish (U.S. farmed) Grouper
Caviar (U.S. farmed) Halibut - Atlantic
Clams (farmed) Marlin
Crab - Dungeness, snow (Canada), stone Monkfish/goosefish
Crawfish (U.S.) Orange roughy
Halibut - Pacific (Alaska) Rockfish/rock cod (Pacific)
Herring - Atlantic (U.S., Canada) Salmon - Atlantic (farmed)
Mackerel - Atlantic Shark
Mahimahi (U.S. Atlantic) Shrimp/prawns (imported)
Mussels (farmed) Skate
Oysters (farmed) Snapper
Sablefish/black cod (Alaska) Sturgeon (wild)
Salmon - wild (Alaska), canned pink/sockeye Swordfish (imported)
Sardines Tilefish
Scallops - bay (farmed) Tuna - bluefin
Shrimp - northern (Canada), Oregon pink, U.S. farmed
Spot prawns
Striped bass (farmed)
Sturgeon (U.S. farmed)
Sturgeon (U.S. farmed)
Tilapia (U.S.)
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