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Beware Bikini Waxing

Along with toning body parts hidden from the sun all Winter, beach season often means waxing. Unfortunately, the bikini wax presents a whole new set of Summer dangers.

Bluntly put, we have hair in our nether regions to protect the sensitive skin and mucous membranes found in the genital area. When you wax your bikini line or go all the way with a Brazilian, you strip away a layer of the body's protection — and little bits of skin are torn off as well. This allows bacteria to slip through the barrier and cause an infection under your skin. The waxing process also creates inflammation, which can exacerbate the potential infection by trapping bacteria. Some physicians caution those with compromised immune systems or diabetes, chronic kidney, or liver disease to skip waxing completely.

If you do opt for a bikini wax, make sure the facility is licensed and ask around and get recommendations from friends. It also helps to keep the inflammation down with one percent hydrocortisone cream, and you can aim to prevent infection with a topical antibiotic cream as well.

Have you ever had an infection from getting waxed?


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