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Beyonce Is a Fan of Power Moves

If you caught President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama dancing their first dance, you probably noticed Beyonce singing "At Last," looking radiant and proud. Aside from her amazing voice, she also has an amazingly fit body, and she showed it off in her "Single Ladies" video. If you're wondering how Beyonce got her body in shape, her secret lies in Power Moves exercises from trainer Marco Borges.

The basic concept of Power Moves is that you work several muscle groups at once. Borges says in his book, "You could perform three different exercises using machines but not have the benefits of one compound move, like a reverse lunge shoulder press. It works all the same muscles and the core." If you're interested in more, check out the book Power Moves: The Four Motions to Transform Your Body For Life ($17) to learn the exercises that Beyonce used to strengthen and sculpt her fabulous body.


neonbible neonbible 8 years
i agree with almostloli. beyonce is beautiful but i prefer her body a few years ago like her 'crazy in love' days or even when she slimmed down for dreamgirls
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 8 years
Beyonce...bugs me.
almostloli almostloli 8 years
sounds interesting but still.. body sculpting, toning, any exercise.. it has to be combined with a good healthy diet to achieve the desired body shape right?! as in beyonce's case.. just like her shape a few years ago (NOT that i'm saying she doesn't look good now, she's a beautiful woman no matter what)
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
I think Beyonce is attractive, but truthfully, I've seen her in better shape. During the inaugural, I think she owed most of her body shape to wearing Spanxs, not to fitness. JMHO.
DeviousMuse DeviousMuse 8 years
My trainer has me do a lot of combo moves to keep variety in my exercises and so we can accomplish more in each session. Last weekend, we did a reverse squat with a row (start down in the squat, holding the v-bar together with the pulley down at your feet, push up through your heels, then pull the v-bar in for the row), today we did the fly w/ lunge combo (start with arms out, pull the handles in towards your chest, then lunge forward), and I'm sure he'll put me through something new tomorrow! The moves are definitely tough, but I like the fact we're putting in more effort in 30 minutes than if we focused on each move separately.
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