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Biggest Loser Danni Allen Weight-Loss Tips

On the Road With Biggest Loser Winner Danni Allen

After losing 121 pounds and winning The Biggest Loser in March, Danni Allen has been on a whirlwind tour sharing what she's learned on the ranch (no doubt a lot, with Jillian Michaels as her coach). I caught up with her at the IDEA World Fitness Convention in LA and asked her how she's been sticking with her new healthy-living goals even while being on the road all Summer. Here are Danni's smart tips for staying in shape while traveling.

  1. Bring a snack: You never know when hunger is going to strike, so make sure you're prepared. Danni packs celery sticks with hummus and nuts (a handful at a time, about two ounces) mixed with Craisins to help power through hunger. Most importantly, Danni says, is to eat your snacks mindfully to help you feel satisfied. "I'm very conscious when I eat," she explains. "I think a lot of us will just throw stuff in our mouths and not realize. I'm looking at the food and being focused on it, so that way I'm mentally recognizing that I'm eating."
  2. Research your destination: It can be easy to just pull into whatever drive-through you spy first from the freeway, but a few minutes on your phone before you get to your next stop can help you line up healthier alternatives. "I tend to stick to nonprocessed foods when I'm on the road, so I don't want to be going to that fast-food burger place down the street," Danni says. "I'll look up whatever grass-fed beef they have in the area, or I'll keep it as clean as I can."
  3. Pack your fitness: It doesn't take much luggage space to stay fit on the road. Danni relives the ranch by always carrying Jillian Michaels DVDs in her bag; the first-time marathoner — she's currently training for the Chicago Marathon in October — also makes sure she packs running shoes to stay fit no matter where she is. "I can leave my hotel room and go for a run. There's no excuses," she says.
  4. BYOB: Bring your own water bottle — drinking more water can help get your mind off a grumbling stomach. "I always carry water with me, 24/7, because that's a good little hunger curb," Danni explains. Sometimes dehydration can be mistaken for hunger, so filling up your reusable water bottle throughout the day is a smart idea.
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