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There is always a point in the Biggest Loser where you are reminded repeatedly that this is a game with prize money involved. The show starts to seem like a character study to see what the possibility of winning $250,000 does to people rather than a weight-loss show. I know editing has a lot to do with it, but how many times did Vicky smirk right into the camera after brokering deals, stirring up tensions, and judging prizes not worth her effort.

Even while the gaming is on, both teams were treated to unorthodox workouts: a challenging ropes course for the black team and circus arts mixed with a dose of self-defense for the blue. This show really hammers home the power of physical metaphors, and watching Michelle and Renee, the last remaining parent/child team meet in the competition, meet each other halfway while balancing high above the ground was rather sweet.

The challenge, with the prize of a video from home was upgraded to a live video chat — almost as if to spite Vicky's lackluster attitude toward the reward, involved stability and concentration. "Take it one step at a time" was the mantra as the team walked circular balance beams placed over water that challenged balance as well as focus. Renee rose to the challenge finishing the last nine laps solo after Phil fell into the water. Before competing in the challenge, all the contestants were treated to a midpoint checkup with Dr. Huizenga and everyone was quite pleased with their results — all the contestants are considerably healthier after six weeks of lifestyle change.

To hear about the drama of the last workout, the weigh-in, and the player eliminated, just


Jillian seemed hellbent on making a black team member vomit. "If you are not throwing up you're not working hard enough" might just be my favorite quote of this episode, and of course this sentiment was uttered by Jillian, with a smile on her face! Bob was determined to load the leg-press machine with the maximum challenge for his team members. This left Phil to comment that he hadn't noises like that come out of his wife since childbirth, as Amy P. pressed 450 pounds with her legs. Unfortunately, Amy P.'s positive attitude and hard work did not pay off. After only losing two pounds, the alliance of Heba, Vicky, and Brady joined forces to vote Amy off the show. Aside from personal grudges, their theory is that with Amy P. gone, her husband on the black team would lose focus, making him vulnerable for elimination.

After all the subterfuge, I still have no idea who will win the game, but I do know now who I hope loses. To see how Amy P. is looking these days, check out this video.

Are you rooting for a player? If yes, tell me in the comments section below.

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