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Biggest Loser Families Recap: Don't Be Left in the Dark

Biggest Loser Families Recap: Don't Be Left in the Dark

The Biggest Loser was back to its regular two-hour format time last night and true to all the previous episodes, nearly everyone cried. Last night marked the point where the show starts to frustrate me because people lose focus on their health and start playing "the game." In other words, people get nasty.

In this episode, the contestants were faced with a rather hefty temptation as the person who ate the most calories was allowed to create the new teams and pick which the trainer for each team. To create conflict, it was completely dark in the room with the baked goods and so no one really knew who was eating what. In the end, Heba ate the most calories and rearranged the teams into blue and black — she split up the red team, husband and wife Amy and Philip, as well as Shellay and her daughter Amy. To see what the challenge was and to find out who was sent home, just


For the challenge the contestants had to hike up and down a small mountain for 14 hours. Basically, they got a point for each person that went up, bonus points if they all went up together each time. The most interesting part of it to me was that in the middle of the challenge, both teams came to an agreement that they would both take a break to nap. Nap?! In the end, the black team won the challenge, even though Brady ran up and down that mountain an amazing amount of times (over 20 miles).

Michelle was contemplating heading home because she was having a hard time overcoming emotional issues stemming from her parents' divorce. It was interesting to see how much your emotions really do affect our health and ability to focus on weight loss. In the end, she made the decision to stick it out and I think it's a good lesson for us all. No matter how hard things seem to be in your head, allowing yourself to slide into a spiral of unhealthiness is not going to do you any favors. It may seem hard at times, but sometimes the best thing you can do is just work out frustration at the gym.

In the end, the black team lost the weigh-in and Shellay was voted to go home. She looked fabulous in her check-in and it's always nice to see that they are able to thrive at home, not just in a controlled environment. Check her out!


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Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
Katy, i agree about Michelle. I had to just mute the TV when she was whining about the divorce and even considering on leaving the show. Complete stupidity. is it just me or are the women whinier and less aggressive in their workout routines this season?? The Amy's seem to be working hard but man. . .
katyharper katyharper 8 years
Heba is irritating the crap out of me too. I agree - "losing my husband" made it sound like he was dead. I also don't like Brady's wife (whatshername). She seems like she's always making excuses not to work hard, and has a bad attitude. But I love Collean and both of the Amys. Also (ugh - gotta bitch about one more thing), is it just me who's sick of hearing Michelle talk about her parents' divorce? TONS of people go through that (including myself), and while it's certainly a terrible thing to have happen, I feel like she's using it as an excuse. Ugh.
masonsmama masonsmama 8 years
I didn't mind Heba until last night. If I heard her talk about "losing her husband" one more time...ugh! Colleen had been alone and you never heard her whining about it and Heba made it sound like he was dead, for pete's sake. I was so disappointed that she ended up losing so much and the black team lost :(
bethiesny bethiesny 8 years
I think Heba is one of the most unlikable contestants they've ever had on the show. I think there's a good chance we'll have another female Biggest Loser, but I hope it's not her. Bleh.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
ugh. i so wanted to smack Heba last night. not the other players fault her husband didn't lose the necessary weight. such a pissy whiny .... screw playing the game. you're all there for the weight loss and the support. i'd find it rather hard to concentrate with people trying to get into each others heads. and i definetly want the 1 hour format back. way to long with all the 'drama'.
ep24 ep24 8 years
i know it's a game, but it's a little early on for heba to be forgetting about team spirit (even if she has to fake it). it's not the other contestants' fault that her husband was voted off --- she needs to get over it and concentrate on her goals... i REALLY wish the show would go back to the 1-hour format. it's so boring and long sometimes -- it's a show i'll never watch live, since i can't f-fwd.
aka-Daria aka-Daria 8 years
i watched a biggest loser marathon over the weekend and it too irritates me when they start "playing the game" it's dumb. it annoys me whenever they say "it's a strategic move and he/she is the biggest threat to me"...uggghhhhh
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 8 years
I hate that point of the show too. It's more important to lose weight and learn how to do it than win the game or screw other people over.
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