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Biggest Loser Families Recap: The Final Four Hit the Track

This week's episode of Biggest Loser Families is all about looking back and moving on — often quite literally. For their challenge, the four remaining contestants come together at a racetrack — not the sort of track we're used to. Ali instructs Ed, Heba, Vicky, and Michelle to suit up by strapping on the amount of weight each contestant has lost; they then had to run the track, recalling what that weight felt like.

The racetrack runners also learn a lot about healthy eating this week and reflect on how far they've come. For the rest of the details and a video with some smart eating tips,


In the track challenge, 11 pit stops signify the number of weeks the contestants have spent at the ranch, so they remove the appropriate amounts of weight along the way. Ed crosses the finish line first, winning $10,000 and a home-delivered meal plan for a year.

Speaking of meal plans, Bob spends some time talking about healthy eating with his team, reminding them that diet is key to not gaining weight back. The four watch their transformation videos to remind them how far they've come and then get a special delivery: a giant box full of the clothes they wore before they lost the weight. Looking to the future, the gang burns the clothes in a bonfire.

Despite winning the racetrack challenge, Ed discovers in the weigh-in that he has gained two pounds. Michelle, who starts the episode feeling rather bummed out, is thrilled to find out she has shed nine. As for who will end up on next week's live finale, that's up to the viewers: You can vote for the third finalist online now. Meanwhile, check out trainer Bob's tips for adding flavor without adding calories below.

Photos courtesy of NBC

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