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Biggest Loser Families Recap: NYC Makeovers

The competition on the Biggest Loser Families should be heating up, but last night's show was surprisingly free of drama. Well, not quite. There was Vicky's moment of paralyzing fear, verging on a tantrum, during the physical challenge, but even that little episode struck me as placid. Maybe because everyone involved, blue teammates included, seemed "over" Vicky's antics.

This week all the contestants were treated to a makeover in NYC. Their trip to the Big Apple included new hair fancy and flattering styles. The highlights from the salon: Vicky dyed her hair red and Ed got some highlights himself. Then all five contestants were treated to a shopping trip at Macy's lightly supervised by season-four winner of Project Runway Christian Siriano (didn't he often comment on how he loved the super-skinny models?). This was followed by a "live" reveal on The Tyra Banks Show, complete with a reunion with a friend, spouse, sibling, or parent. The reunions, full of lots of emotion, were pretty sweet watch.

Upon returning back to the ranch, the five remaining players competed in a physical challenge with a two-week spa vacation as the prize. The contestants had to wedge themselves in bottomless boxes suspended 12 to 15 feet above a pool of water. Vicky was first to call uncle, but refused to drop into the water. Heba, Ed, and Renee eventually followed dropping easily and gleefully into the water below. Michelle won the prize and was a disappointed to have her victory celebration marred by Vicky's attention-stealing freak-out.

To see who was eliminated and how they look today


Since the contestants spent much of the week away from their trainers, Bob and Jillian packed in some serious workouts in two days' time. So it wasn't a huge surprised that the amount of weight-loss in all the players was low. Renee and Vicky both lost four pounds, Michelle lost five, while Heba lost seven but her husband Ed only lost three. Ed and Renee fell below the yellow line, and there were no surprises in the voting. Teams voted on their party lines, and Renee was sent home and she looks great. She is a mom with grown kids and a tremendous amount of energy.

Watch this video to see how she looks today.

Who do you think will make it to the final three? Did you see the surprise ending twist? Viewers will get to pick the third contestant to make it to the final three. Who do you think will win the whole shebang?


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sandy82 sandy82 8 years
I agree with all of you. Vicky looked a troll doll after her makeover! I can't stand watching show anymore. I just fast forward it and watch a few parts. I hope Michelle wins!
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
whenever i see Vicki's face on the TV I have to hiss. Vile attention seeking manipulative woman. Ugh. Can't stand her OR Heba. They're obviously not there to get healthy or change their lifestyle. Seeing how she is such a game player and all, Vicki is such an idiot for not voting off Ed. Heba and Ed are going to crush her if they all make it to the finals. -shudder- I was so sad that Renee was voted off. I was rooting for her and Michelle. Now Michelle is the last likeable player on the show and the only reason left why I watch the show (other than Jillian ^^). She has come so far and is there to better herself inside and out. Renee looks great!! glad to see she kept up with her routines at home and I love the fact that she's helping people in her workplace and speaking to people. Inspiration :)
brookrene brookrene 8 years
I agree. It's been hard from the get-go. I think NBC needs to incorporate the viewers more in this show. For example... "America's Favorite" or something...or even do a poll of who we at home would vote off, and then tell the contestants why we don't like them (without actually voting them off) then maybe they would straighten up their act. I just wish the evil ones knew how much we at home disliked them.
ginlake ginlake 8 years
Yeah, I feel like from the beginning this was a hard season to like. In the past there were people that from the get-go you were rooting for and in this season it took a little longer to like them. The only ones my fiance and I liked from the start were Amy C. and Phillip...LOVED THEM! I also feel like Bob has really dropped the ball this season. He has always seemed like a stand up guy who is concerned with doing the right thing. But when the whole thing with Amy P. and Vicky happened he was more concered about the idea of the Blue Team than with the individuals who made up that team. (Don't know if that makes sense...) He should have stuck up for Amys vote for Brady, knowing that that is her ONLY way to stay in the game. He should have talked to Vicky and told her to get the stick out of her *ss because it's a game and Amy has to do what is right for HER, not for the team. I also think Bob pressured Amy into not voting for Vicky...just to keep more of Blue there. Ugh...sorry to write a novel about it but it just makes me so mad. My boyfriend and I spend Tuesday nights screaming at the t.v.
brookrene brookrene 8 years
"I love Bob, but his Blue team this year was a bunch of a-holes." I agree wholeheartedly ginlake! Jillian is my favorite, but i think that's because she's my girl-crush. :) But I've always liked Bob too. The show this year has really turned me off, I've always loved it, but the b*tching and whining and general a-holiness this year has ruined the spirit of the show. GIVE US BACK OUR ORIGINAL BIGGEST LOSER NBC! :mob:
ginlake ginlake 8 years
I also feel like Vicky pulled that stunt at the challenge to either make the other players think she has a weakness OR to just pout and put the attention all on her since she was the first one down. I feel like it was almost a power play, to see how far she could take it. I kept wishing Michelle would just push her off.
ginlake ginlake 8 years
I think Vicky may be one of the most hated reality show contestants ever. And I think it is more than deserved. She is such a troll-in looks and personality. I'm so glad that the previews showed that people will get to participate in the vote next week. Even if Michelle is under the yellow line I feel she will DEFINITELY be chosen to be in the final three. I also think that once they became "individuals" rather than playing with a team that the show should have either made them all wear the same color shirt OR given them all different color shirts. I don't think it would have changed outcomes but I'm tired of hearing Bob say "my Blue team..." I love Bob, but his Blue team this year was a bunch of a-holes.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
Michelle is this season's Ali :)
Jewels2080 Jewels2080 8 years
I think the makeup artist who did Vickys makeup on the Tyra show hated Vicky... Did you notice how everyone else looked great? I was laughing so much! I think she got what she deserved. I'm upset Renee was voted off I wanted either her or Michelle to win, now I'm pulling for Michelle!
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
Bob is way too into his "blue" team. blah blah blah.
esweet esweet 8 years
I really wish both Michelle and her mom Renee made it to the finals. I don't like Vicky, Heba or Ed. What is Ed's deal? At his size, he should be dropping way more weight than 3 pounds. Both he and Heba still look pretty large...and Vicky's makeup looked awful on Tyra's show and she was an idiot for not voting Ed off. I hope Michelle wins!!
mannylove mannylove 8 years
Vicky has got to go...I am still so mad that Amy didn't vote her out when she had the chance. And look where that got her. Now my only hope is Michelle...I hope she wins it all. I also can not stand Bob & how he roots for his team. Last week he couldn't even clap when Michelle lost 10 pounds. I understand rooting for them and being closer to them, Jillian is the same as far as that. But she always claps for the other team members, and doesn't get that hateful look in her eyes like Bob does!
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 8 years
Too needs a makeover for her insides. Her attitude is awful and she's just downright mean. Game play or no game play, I find her disrespectful and irritating. She's basically just mocking the whole spirit of this competition.
honeyhoney77 honeyhoney77 8 years
Ugh! I totally think that Heba should have went home! She's been in the bottom two at least two times that I can think of. Vicky drives me nuts as well, and her makeup was overdone and too light. For the record, Vicky, it wasn't a hundred feet, it was 15! I'm over the antics... By far my favorite moment was when Jillian went on that rant about getting in shape, and how she doesn't care about anything but (Michelle and Renee's) asses getting smaller. That, albeit intense, was by far very entertaining. I'm ready for Heba or Ed to get off the freakin' show. And if Vicky is only in it to win the money, she needs to go as well. *sigh* Guess you can tell that my vote is for the lovely Michelle. What a cutie!
ep24 ep24 8 years
i'm disappointed vicky (and heba) will make it to the final. they do not seem like very nice people
brookrene brookrene 8 years
I dislike Vicky so much...what a horrible person. And I agree with her not being mentally healthy Ekaterina. She just wants the money.
EkaterinaBallerina EkaterinaBallerina 8 years
I hate Vicky with a burning passion but I was laughing so hard last night when she voted for Renee. What an idiot. Both Heba and Ed weigh significantly more than her. Both are serious threats to her and if either makes it to the finale, she is guaranteed to lose. There is just no way. Both Heba and Ed are serious competitors and consistently throw up big numbers. They'll whip her in the finale. That being said, I'm banking on Michelle. I think she's a great contestant and she seems to be the only one interested in getting healthy. Vicky just seems to be after the money. If it goes to a vote next week she will never make it. People hate her. This season has also made me lose all respect for Bob. I realized after watching him that he's a competitor, he wants to win and he doesn't care what cost it comes out. Vicky's game-playing is not just disgusting, its dangerous. She doesn't care if she keeps the weight off, she just wants the money. I thought trainers were supposed to be helping them get healthy and get their lives back. If Bob really cared he would have reined her in by now. Jillian would never have stood for this. Not for nothing Bob has only trained one winner--THE YEAR JILLIAN WASN'T ON THE SHOW.
kelliegonzo kelliegonzo 8 years
vicki is pure evil. and got an ugly "makeover".
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
WTF with Vicki last night? She was such a faker. I am pissed she voted off renee, duh vicki, Ed is a bigger threat!
bethiesny bethiesny 8 years
I thought Vicky's makeup during the Tyra Banks show was horrible and way overdone. Looks like next week we will be able to vote for someone to make it to the finale. If Michelle doesn't get there on her own, she's got my vote. I think it's a good move on NBC's part, especially if this vote would give America the power to get rid of Vicky!
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