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Biggest Loser Recap: The Black Team Joins the Game

The Biggest Loser, once again, was motivating and inspiring. It's always sad to see a player get voted off, but so the game goes. Lezlye, a Katrina Survivor, was sent home mostly due to not losing big numbers on the scale.

The Black team was revealed to the Blue and Red teams, and the Black team ended up with the greatest amount of pounds shed. I think a lesson is to be learned here is that you don't need a gym to still get a workout. The Black team had not stepped one foot in a gym, they worked out in the desert, doing things such as carrying sand bags up a sandy hill, yet they still lost the most weight. Sure, they had Jillian, but they still did it.

For me, this sort of reiterated that on those days when I absolutely do not feel like stepping foot in that gym, there are other ways I can still get a workout. Sometimes it may be even better because you don't limit yourself to the equipment in the confines of the gym, you have to force yourself to step outside the box.


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