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"Biggest Loser" Recap: Losing Is Still Losing

"Biggest Loser" Recap: Losing Is Still Losing

My emotions went through the ringer once again during "The Biggest Loser" last night. The folks on the Red Team got to make a call home as the result of winning a challenge, which resulted in seeing grown men cry, which resulted in leaving me a blubbery mess. That is, however, not the point of this post.

Moving on.

The Red Team also had their very first victory at the weigh in and the Blue Team had their very first loss. The team decided to vote off Jerry [gasp], who was not only the oldest contestant in Biggest Loser history but also my favorite player. Bummer. iVillage interviewed Jerry after the show, so check out his parting words here. Oh, and while we're seeing what past contestants are up to, Sunny had lunch with Lezlye (last week's loser, er 'not' loser) - so check out Sunny's Shape Up Blog for the fun recap.

To see what I learned from The Biggest Loser this week, just

What I learned from The Biggest Loser this week: The contestants were not losing weight as rapidly as they did in the beginning. Sound familiar? Yes folks, even these guys hit plateaus. Bob, Jillian and Kim can work the tails off of the contestants, but they can't do anything about what is going on inside their bodies. In fact, through the course of the show we'll see them hit more than one point where they are not losing as many pounds as they would expect. This concept is something we all need to apply into our own struggles with different types of plateaus. We all have them and even if you have an amazing trainer telling you exactly what to do and eat, you'll still have points where you feel like you're running in place (and not because you are on the treadmill). Keep your eye on the ball and work through your plateaus because you will reach your goal.

And finally, Bob gave a great trainer tip about halfway through the show that we can all use. Here it is in case you missed it:

Do your normal weight routine on an unstable surface such as a bosu ball or as simply as standing on one leg. You'll engage muscles you didn't even know you had, and it's a great way to get a six-pack that you've always wanted.

What did you think of the show last night? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Spectra Spectra 9 years
I liked the "temptation" challenge too. I also didn't think any of it looked appetizing. I can't believe that girl ate almost 2000 calories' worth of junk in 4 minutes! That's crazy! Although, theoretically, it's still possible to lose a lot of weight even if you do binge like that. And she did lose quite a bit this week.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
I liked last night especially the "temptation" challenge. None of that crap looked appetizing! ANd i cannot be the only one who thinks the Guys should keep thier shirts on. Jaz made me vomit in my mouth.
kelsee kelsee 9 years
I can't believe they voted him off....not we will sit back and watch the blue team fall
loveyoulots loveyoulots 9 years
I love this show and love Suga for having a place to post about it. I didn't like jerry's attitude, but am VERY happy to see that lost 88lbs. he his an inspiration to all of us.
laurini laurini 9 years
I was sort of upset about Jerry getting the boot- especially since I finally convinced my 60 year old Aunt that she's not too old to exercise (using him as proof). Fortunately I think she's hooked on the show too, so she still has motivation. I LOVED Bob's tip - I don't have the $ for a BOSU ball, and can't convince my gym to purchase one, so today I did my weights switching off on one leg!
caitinlv caitinlv 9 years
Loved last night's episode - Jeey failed to understand the team aspect of the game so I thinkhis team did the right thing by voting him out. But good for him for the changes he's out himself through, he looks great now. The workout tip from Bob was a good one too, especially since I have a minor phobia of BOSU and balls for working out.
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
I couldn't believe they booted off Jerry. He was my fave and was an amazing guy! I guess now I'm rooting for Kae, she's so awesome. Anyway still Go Blue Team!! It was a great episode and wow Jerry looks AWESOME now, I'm soooo proud of him! He's an inspiration!
gumdrops334 gumdrops334 9 years
I watched about an hour of it and I got so into it. Unfortunately I had to miss the 2nd half, but I enjoyed the first. Can't wait til I get a tivo!
EllaBella EllaBella 9 years
I love that you send this recap each time. I hate TV and don't even own one but I understand that kind of program can teach a lot about diet and fitness. Picking the tips in your post is perfect for a TV-hater like me. :)
tabloidprincess tabloidprincess 9 years
Jerry lost 88 pounds and he's a grandpa of three. If he can do it anyone can. He definetly motivated me to do better.
ShedItandGetIt ShedItandGetIt 9 years
I'm SO PISSED they offed Jerry
EmPaige EmPaige 9 years
I love, love LOVE this show. It is so motivating - and I love that it has been 2 hours the past few weeks - I bike while I watch. Jerry was NOT my favorite and I was glad to see him go. He had such a bad attitude in departing thinking that the team NEEDED him or would lose. A big head to go with the big body. But he does look great now and i am so proud of all of them.
tuliprush tuliprush 9 years
I wish NBC would post the episodes online, as I do not have tivo and am never home in time to watch it. :( That is sad that Jerry left. He was my favorite too
catrinka catrinka 9 years
I felt bad for Jerry !
sunshyne sunshyne 9 years
you add the link to the biggest loser website so we can see how Jerry is doing today. i just checked it out. he looks fantastic. i think he lost 88 lbs!
ma9321 ma9321 9 years
I missed it once again! : (
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