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The Biggest Loser Recap: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Last night The Biggest Loser turned its focus from weight loss onto recycling.

Instead of the usual weight loss tips and trainer tips, this week we were given "Green Tips." While it was cool to see NBC trying to make conservation mainstream, the blatant marketing centered around it all was painful.

One thing that we can all take from this week's episode is that you don't need to use electricity to workout. Machines are easy but if you're looking to conserve a little energy, there are many other options such as using the great outdoors for cardio, and your own body weight or resistance bands for resistance. Some of the contestants had their biggest weight loss numbers last night, and not one person used a treadmill (that was on, at least) to get there. Jillian asked, "What's the point if we're taking care of our bodies and not our planet?" Great point, and one we should all ponder daily.

One of the challenges involved guessing how many calories were in a typical large meat lovers pizza and 32 ounce cola. Think you know? To find out the answer and to see who was eliminated this week, just

The answer is 3,253 calories! That's 2,880 for the pizza and 373 for the cola — yikes! Me, I still love pizza, but instead of loading it up with extra cheese and meat, I load it with veggies and go light on the cheese. Wash it down with 32 oz of water and you've got significantly less calories.

Ryan was the victim of the game this week and was eliminated after a six pound weight loss. Ryan explained that he knew he was leaving a better person and couldn’t wait to be with his wife and daughter. He looked absolutely fabulous after the show and I know he is going to look super strong at the finale. To check out Ryan's parting words, visit iVillage. I am sick of the back stabbing so I am hoping that next week the game will remove the duos and start with singles (finally every man or woman as an individual).


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