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Biking: Bugs vs. Saddle Sore - Which Is Worse?

Have you been riding your bike a lot this summer? I have been inspired by the Tour de France, have you? There are some things about bike riding I do NOT enjoy. Aside from cars not sharing the road, what do you think is worse?


Adam-Pieniazek Adam-Pieniazek 9 years
Just joined to say that I never get saddle sore. Are ya'll sure your saddle is up high enough? I've had friends who got saddle sore but once they adjusted their seats correctly it seemed to go away. The guideline is your leg should be only very slightly bent when your toe is on the pedal at its maximum down position. Another way to test it is that your leg should be straight if you put your heel on the pedal and extend down. There's a ton of sites out there with tips on how to determine the correct saddle height. Bugs are a bit annoying, especially when you kill them with your eyeball! Ouch! Almost fell off my bike when that happened!
sinsational sinsational 10 years
awg the bugs, for sure, can't stand them, not even one
br0wneyed9irl00 br0wneyed9irl00 10 years
i'd say i find people pretending "a lot" is one word more annoying than both. because even if i'm eating bugs and have a sore crotch, at least i'm outside getting some exercise.
KrisSugar KrisSugar 10 years
well as a driver in a big Lance loving town, I can say there are two sides to the equation. I'm all for healthy hobbies, but none of us wants to run over a bike rider either. it's not like we set out to hurt or scare anyone. but SOMETIMES the bike riders can be irresponsible too, and just slow everything down. riding more than two-abreast on the shoulder is crazy dangerous, and riding on hilly streets that have no shoulder at all is even worse. none of us drivers wants to hit a biker, so remember that! sorry for getting on my soapbox! you go bikers. it just always sounds like a one-sided story to me. (drivers not sharing the road)
intensebandgeek intensebandgeek 10 years
I've never really dealt with bugs flying into my face while riding a bike, but I HAVE dealt with saddle soreness the following day. UGH!!!
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 10 years
I can't choose. Both are quite awful.
lady-T lady-T 10 years
saddle bum is worse!
caitlinp86 caitlinp86 10 years
ewww bugs definitely are worse!!!
jhuck jhuck 10 years
There's nothing more gross than the feeling of a bug smacking into your face as you ride.
rubialala rubialala 10 years
Ew, the bugs for sure.
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