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Biking Saves Money, the Planet, and Helps Your Health

5 Reasons to Ride

Biking is my favorite form of locomotion. The world moves by at the perfect pace when pedaling. You can take in the view and still feel the wind in your face. Riding a bike is a great green way to get around since you can travel a greater distance in a shorter time when compared to walking, and it can be faster than driving, depending on gridlock traffic.

Here are five reasons to bike to work, bike about town, and bike for errands:

  1. Eco: Let's start with the greenest reason — biking reduces your carbon footprint. Using pedal power, rather than fossil fuels, for short trips and commutes can reduce your carbon emissions by an estimated 11 percent.
  2. Cardio: Cycling is a wonderful, joint-friendly form of exercise. Instead of burning oil, you burn calories on your bike. Biking for 30 minutes at a moderate pace burns around 230 calories
  3. Strength: Biking about town builds leg strength. Pedaling tones your quads and hamstrings as well as your calves, helping you get ready for the short shorts of Summer. Tone your gams while maximizing your pedal power.

See two other reasons to hop on your bike when you read more.

  1. Money: Commute Solutions, based out of Austin, TX, estimated that biking rather than driving can save you serious dough. Pedaling a 10-mile round-trip commute can save you up to $10 a trip when you factor in all your driving expenses.
  2. Fun: Biking is just plain fun. Whether you're speeding down an asphalt hill, navigating your mountain bike over tree roots, or cruising the flats, cycling is a good time. I love renting a bike when I'm on vacation. It's a great way to sightsee and get my heart rate up.

Why do you bike?

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