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Biking vs. Swimming

For those who prefer not to run due to injured knees, both swimming and biking are great cardio alternatives. Hopping in a pool or on a bike also helps to switch up your routine, so you end up working different muscle groups, which inevitably makes your entire body stronger and helps to prevent injury. How do biking and swimming compare though? Take this quiz to find out. You may have to reach back to your high school math class days to answer some of these.


Biking vs. Swimming

In a 25 yard pool, 66 laps (132 lengths) equals how many miles?

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wambalus wambalus 8 years
Um, problem with question one. As a former competitive swimmer, I can tell you that 66 laps does equal one mile. The counters go up to 64 and then there is a red sign that means last lap. I'm assuming you are counting one lap as there and back (50 yards), but in competitive swimming one lap is 25 yards and is always counted as such unless it is a 50 yard pool. Sorry but that question is incorrect.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
wow - i really don't know my stuff here. i know that i like to bike and i LOVE to swim, so it would probably do me good to learn a bit more huh?
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I just had serious flashbacks to those elementary school word problems: if two trains leave stations that are 12 miles apart and one train is going 25 MPH and the other... I must be a good guesser, since I never got those right when I was 6, either :)
kehinde75 kehinde75 8 years
i do both biking (i bike commute to work but it's a short commute - 7mi round trip) and swimming and i love them both equally. i'm surprised at how many calories swimming burns in an hour!! i would have thought a lot less. for what it's worth, dr. mehmet oz and dr. michael roizen (of the you: the owner's manual books) both suggest biking and swimming as cardiovascular exercise and NOT running, which they consider to be damaging on the joints and aging to the body.
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