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Bikini Confidence Tips

7 Tips For Bikini Confidence — No Diet Required!

The following post was written by Jenni K., who blogs at Fitzala and is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

It can be hard to stay confident during the season that we're most exposed. But it doesn't have to be! Stay positive with these tips below.

Make a List of All the Things You Love About Your Body
If you're bashing on yourself for not being perfect, it's harder to see what you love about your body. Write out 10 things you love about your body, like "I love my strong legs that carry me on beautiful runs" or "I love my arms that let me carry lots of shopping bags."


Bronze Yourself (Safely)
Sunless tanning lotion has come a long way since the orange smelly days of the past. A light glow helps hide skin imperfections as well as makes you look a bit slimmer. Just make sure to exfoliate and shave beforehand and scrub your palms afterward.

Get a Cute Cover-Up
A breezy cover-up will not only protect you from the sun's harmful rays, but it might also make you a bit more comfortable when you're playing on the beach or hanging out with friends. Choose one that's light in color yet thick enough to keep you from burning.

Eat Well

Eating quality food that makes you feel good is important. Choose meats, healthy fats, and lots of seasonal veggies. This will help your skin glow, flush out excess water, and nourish your body with vitamins and minerals. A big pasta dinner often leads to bloating and water retention.

Limit Alcohol
It's always fun to have a fruity drink by the water, but too many will only make you retain fluids or potentially gain weight. Stick to one, or fake it with club soda and lemon.

Get Your Sweat On
Regular exercise boosts your mood and keeps you in shape. Not to mention the laundry list of physical and emotional benefits that have nothing to do with size.

Focus on Fun
When you're with your friends in a bikini, just stop worrying about what you look like. It's easier said than done, but try to focus on what you're doing and the people around you instead of yourself. You'll end up forgetting about your insecurities and having a great time!

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