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This Printable Circuit Workout Tones Every Inch

Jul 5 2016 - 9:15am

This circuit workout, full of multitasking moves, is incredibly effective for toning your entire body in little time. Learn the details of the exercises here, print the workout [1], then get pumped!

Directions: warm up with five minutes of light cardio. Grab a set of dumbbells, between five and 10 pounds, and perform each 3-exercise circuit three times before moving to the next. Cool down with five minutes of stretching.

Circuit One: Back Lunge With Overhead Press

Reps: 10, each leg

This moves challenges your balance to fire up your core immediately! Plus it tones your shoulders and your butt.

Circuit One: Side Plank With Reverse Fly

Reps: 10, each side

Side planks tone the muffin top, and adding the reverse fly into the mix not only challenges the abs a bit more, but also tones the back of the shoulder. Squeeze your inner thighs together for added stability.

Circuit One:Dumbbell Swing

Reps: 20

No kettlebell? No problem. Grab your heavier dumbbell or double up to feel the power of your center to get swinging, but remember: this is not an arm exercise. It is all about the legs, butt, and abs.

Circuit Two: Plank With Row

Reps: 10, each side

Work your arms and abs while improving your posture with this simple move.

Circuit Two: Deep Squat With Overhead Reach

Reps: 15

Anytime your hands go above your head, your abs are forced to work. Add a dumbbell to the move, and they work harder.

Circuit Two: Warrior Three Triceps Extension

Reps: 10, on each leg

Work your glutes and core while tightening the backs of your upper arms.

Circuit Three: Deadlift With Front Row

Reps: 15

Work your shoulders and your backside with the double-duty combination move.

Circuit Three: V-Sit With Single Arm Chest Fly

Reps: 10, each arm

In this variation, the abs work extra to maintain stability as you pull the dumbbell away from your center.

Circuit Three: Split Squat With Bicep Curls

Reps: 10, each side

Shape your arms and glutes in one move with this classic combination — it's always a killer!

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