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We've heard about the school of thought that says blood type should dictate the kinds of foods we should eat, and there's also an idea that blood type defines our personality. A popular presence in Japanese culture, the topic was the subject of four books which were rated among Japan's top 10 bestsellers for the past year.

Much like the way eating for your blood type tells you to eliminate certain foods and eat more of others, the philosophy around blood type and personality says your blood should play a role in the jobs you take and the people you date. Japanese TV offers blood horoscopes, while employers may use blood type in hiring decisions and dating agencies include this information in their profiles.

The Guardian found a few examples of blood type and personality; to find out what your blood type might say about your personality


  • Type A: Reserved and prone to worry, sensitive perfectionists such as Britney Spears and Adolf Hitler.
  • Type O: Decisive, self-confident, curious, and ideal for sport, including Elvis Presley and the Queen.
  • Type B: Cheerful, caring, flamboyant free-thinkers such as Jack Nicholson.
  • Type AB: High-maintenance, distant, suited to arts, such as Mao Zedong.

What do you think of the idea of blood type affecting personality? Do you buy it?


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