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Are You Destined to Have Your Mother's Body?

Like mother, like daughter, right? When I look at old photos of my mom at my age, we look exactly alike. Some children resemble their parents so closely that there's no doubt in your mind that they're related. So does that mean a woman is destined to grow up to look like her mom, and inherit the same body type, whether it be wide hips, large thighs, or a flat tush?

One finding proved that apple-shaped bodies are more likely to be seen passed down through family trees than pear-shaped and thin frames. That's because it's not just your mother's genes you inherit, but also your father's. Since men usually store fat in their bellies, this body shape can often be passed on to his children.

Don't worry just yet if you're not too psyched about growing up to look like your parents. The good news is that although your inherited genes may determine up to 80 percent of your weight and shape, you're not destined to have a tire around your waist just because your mom does. Your environment and personal choices also play a major role. Another good point to bring up is that your mother's generation wasn't encouraged to exercise like women are today, so a regular exercise routine can make a huge difference in what your body looks like when you reach your mother's age.

Tell me, do you already see your mother or father's shape when you look in the mirror?

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