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Bodyweight Flow Workout

This Trainer's Bodyweight Workout Looks Simple, but Your Thighs and Butt Will Be on Fire

While strength training with dumbbells or a barbell has its time and place, sometimes you just need a good ol' fashioned bodyweight workout when you're short on time and low on space. Francheska Martinez, certified trainer based at Onnit Academy in Austin, TX, has the perfect lower-body workout for you to tone up your thighs, increase mobility in your hips, and tighten your booty.

Francheska starts with a kick, then moves into a cossack squat. She then brings the other leg forward into a front side kick-through, which is an Animal Flow exercise. After that, she transitions to the other side into a deep runner's lunge. Finally, she wraps it all up with a deep squat.

She sure knows how to make it look easy, but when you try this sequence, you'll probably feel pretty exhausted afterward. You don't have to kick as high or squat as deeply as Francheska does β€” she is an expert, after all! Be honest with your range and only go as far as your body allows. "Love this powerful and dynamic flow! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ”₯πŸ”₯," Francheska wrote. She recommends doing six reps of the circuit and five sets in total with "adequate rest between rounds."

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