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Bodyweight Workout | 10-Minute Video

Spring Clean Your Body With a Quick, Sweaty, Full-Body Workout

How sweaty can you get in 10 minutes? Well, with this workout, the answer is pretty darn sweaty. This quick workout keeps your heart rate up to burn calories while toning your entire body. We hit the muscles from all angles to ensure that you look good from every perspective. Best of all: you don't need any equipment for this workout, making it completely excuse-proof. Just press play, and get to work!

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Маржан15895625 Маржан15895625 2 years

SUPER! I love it!

GUbar GUbar 2 years

Thanks for another great 10 minute workout. I was huffin' and puffin' after this one!

dyeager dyeager 2 years

So important to love your body when you are naked!

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