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Bored with repetition? Try Pilates

Do you get bored doing what seems to be countless repetitions of exercises at the gym? Does the notion of 3 sets of 18 stop you from working out? If yes, then Pilates might just be for you.

The Pilates program was designed to create variety. Instead of doing a few exercises many times, you do many exercises a few times. The repertoire includes hundreds of exercises and they all have multiple variations. The philosophy is to work the same muscles in a variety of angles and positions - so they are strong for any activity from skiing to reaching into the back seat to grab your purse. This approach keeps the muscles challenged so they don't acclimate to your work out. Plus it keeps your mind engaged. And chances are if you are not bored, you'll keep doing it.

Generally the most repetitions for any one exercise is about 10. Sounds better than that 3 set of 18 doesn't it?

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scratch5 scratch5 10 years
I've tried Pilates and like it. Don't be afraid, BlondeSugar. I shelled out the dough and took a couple of Privates (I think that is what they call them). And that made things make even more sense. Try it. I hope you like it. Pilates on T-day sounds like a wise move.
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
I'm worried about starting Pilates. I've been dying to do it tho. Maybe I can sneak a class in tomorrow
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