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Boxing Ab Workout

Forget Pilates and Barre — This 1 Boxing Move Transformed My Abs

Genevieve Farrell Boxing

Aerospace is the boxing studio where you're just as likely to throw punches alongside a Victoria's Secret model (Adriana Lima is a huge fan!) as you are a professional athlete. When I took my first class in its LA studio, my husband pointed out that NBA player Tim Hardaway was on the bag next to us.

The boxing workout was killer, and my arms were, as expected, toast. The combination of boxing on the bags plus full-body boot camp drills (jump squats and plank variations on gliders) made for the most challenging workout I've ever done and by far the best boxing class I've taken. My body was more exhausted than when I've run half marathons, so I knew I was going to be sore. I was especially surprised by how fatigued my abs were . . . "feel them when you laugh, cough, or breath" sore!

Boxing is definitely a core workout, but Aerospace takes it one step further by incorporating core exercises using gliders into the class. There was one move in particular that I give credit to lighting up my abs in the best possible way. Doing this in a group workout at Aerospace was incredibly motivating since there are people behind you, and if you slow down, you are holding up the whole class (which could include a professional athlete or supermodel!). At the studio, you have to do a plank walk around the curved perimeter of the beautiful, bright-white room, which fires up your obliques on every turn. By the end of this exercise, you are breathless and your core is spent.

Grab a pair of gloves and a glider and try it at home!

Walk the Plank With Gliders and Gloves

  • Start in plank, with hands in fists in your boxing gloves and your feet on a glider. A towel can also work if you're on hardwood, or a paper plate if you're on carpet. Squeeze your thighs together to help stabilize your plank.
  • With your abs engaged, start to walk your hands forward, pulling your legs on the glider. Keep up this walk for 30 seconds. By the end, you will want to collapse!

To get the full effect, find a space that is curved to further challenge your obliques. Just make sure to switch directions to work both sides evenly.

If you are based in LA or NY, you can check out Aerospace's classes for yourself, but they also offer streaming workouts . . . just make sure you're prepared for a killer workout that can easily become your fitness obsession. It's definitely mine.

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