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Bradley Cooper Depressed Over Losing A-Team Body

Do You Pig Out After Shaping Up For a Big Event?

Big events can be big motivation to get in shape — class reunions, weddings, and holiday family gatherings cause some people to shift their fitness routines into overdrive. And let's not forget bikini season. Most of you said that you were definitely working out harder to look good in a bikini this year. But what happens when the event is over — do you stick with your fitness routine, or end up going back to your pre-event diet and gym schedule? According to SF Gate, Bradley Cooper is feeling the pangs of losing the ab-tastic body he once raved about, but couldn't resist the allure of pizza once he stopped filming.

"I shrunk back down two weeks after we finished shooting. It was depressing . . . I was craving pizza so badly that the night we finished shooting I ate two arugula and prosciutto pies and a plate of Cherry Garcia ice cream with trail mix on top of it. And I did it again the next night."

And since heart health and strength decline once your workout routine stops, it's important to keep up a fitness routine if you want to keep that new bod of yours. Given that Bradley is back in the gym, it'll be no time until he's looking like "Faceman" again — though we've got no complaints about how he's currently looking. Tell me . . .

Image Source: 20th Century Fox
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