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Brake Don't Break: Biking Tips

Brake Don't Break: Biking Tips

There is actually a bit of technique to braking, and I am not talking about popping and locking. When you are out riding your bike these important pointers will help you with the most essential element of riding a bike – stopping.

  • Basic Technique: For the best use of your power, let the machine do the work. Apply pressure toward the end of the levers so you squeeze less to a greater effect.
  • Quick Stop: Press the brakes firmly, and counter act the bike's forward momentum by moving your back end to the back end of the seat. This little shift of your weight back can prevent you from flying forward over your handle bars.
  • Downhill Braking: Do not keep a constant squeeze on the brakes when you ride downhill. The friction of the brake can overheat the rim causing a blowout, something you definitely want to avoid. Gently tap the brakes, applying intermittent pressure. This is a great technique to avoiding skidding when the streets are slick with rain.

So get on your bike and pedal hard knowing that you can brake without breaking yourself.

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Renees3 Renees3 9 years
I just moved to Palm Desert and took out my bike. I hadn't ridden in over a year, but it was so beautiful. I got a basket, and my dog rides with me, he loves the breeze (it's so friggin hot here). Thanks for these tips tho, I need to be extra careful with the little guy in the basket!
Novaraen Novaraen 9 years
Oh man...i wish i had the guts to get back on my bike. I had a truck almost hit me the last time i rode and now i dont have the nerve to get back on. I'm so afraid of the crazy drivers around my town! Thats california drivers for ya! I really miss riding too... :(
Esix Esix 9 years
Using your front brake more than your rear will help you stop quicker too, as all the weight pushes on the front wheel then. Don't overdo it though, slamming your teeth into the ground isn't very graceful
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