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Bravo Cancels Work Out but Jackie Warner Gets New Show Called Thintervention

You Asked: Jackie Warner's New Project

After reading our review of Jackie Warner's fitness DVD Workout One-on-One Training, many of you expressed curiosity over the future of her hit Bravo series, Work Out. After making a call to Sky Sport Spa — Warner's gym — today, I was told the unfortunate news that the show won't be returning for a fourth season.

I was a bit bummed to hear this but then I remembered Warner has a new show in the works, Thintervention With Jackie Warner. Not only that, Bravo is still looking for real folks struggling with weight loss to cast in the series. Thintervention will feature Warner working with individuals in their day-to-day environments to give them a complete lifestyle overhaul.

Learn the details of this new weight-loss reality show when you

A press release from Bravo breaks down the show's formula:

Each episode of the one hour series will feature a grueling workout with Warner pushing her clients to their emotional and physical limits, a therapy session to get to the root of their weight issues, and a life lesson in nutrition such as grocery shopping or surprise raids of their home kitchens.

Thintervention seems to be banking on the success of The Biggest Loser formula, and given Warner's no-BS attitude, I'm sure we'll see more than a few tears shed as the season goes on. What we won't see is all the drama in Warner's personal life and the lives of her trainers. Personally, I think the drama is what helped make Work Out such a hit among, viewers so it'll be interesting to see how her new show fares.

Are you excited about Thintervention, or do you want Work Out to come back?


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MandeeLei MandeeLei 7 years
Wow despite all of the self-inflected bad press that Jackie may get I still like her.I couldn't even really tell you why. Part of it might be her attitude which is the same reason many do not like her. To each their own huh. Well I would love for her to do this show. I did like Workout but I do agree with others, sometimes it was like watching The Hills. Too much drama but nothing really happening...If the show focused more on actually working out and fitness I would love it and I think? that's what this new show is going for.
KAT0002 KAT0002 7 years
the new show sounds interesting.
doogirl doogirl 7 years
I think the first poster, Kia, expressed my feelings 100% about Workout!
Thanks for checking in on this Fit. It will be nice to see Jackie in a new environment. She is so inspirational, especially when she works with obese people and motivates them to change through exercise.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
i loved workout. it was nice to see a tv show centered around a sucessful lesbian (and the women who loved her, lol). i guess seeing her personal drama put out there for the world to see and judge was too much for her. i'd rather see workout (i'm still wondering what happened between her and her crazy gf mimi) but i wouldn't mind checking this show out. it might be interesting.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
Hmmm, I'm also kind of torn on this. I loved "Workout", but sometimes I thought there was almost too much drama. I would really like to see what her new show is like. I bet she'll be no-nonsense and down to earth with the people on the show, which is what I like about her style. Should be interesting!
Soniabonya Soniabonya 7 years
It sounds quite a lot like Jillian Michaels venture with helping families one on one. I never watched Workout, but I wouldn't mind seeing how the new show compares to Jillian's :)
kia kia 7 years
Hard question, she seemed to be wrapped up in personal drama that was sometimes messy on the small screen. I think she seems like a great person and did not find her heartbreak or relationship sloppiness as something that I should find entertaining. Whatever show she does I'll watch if I am in a TV watching phase at that time. I do think she is inspiring and wish her luck in her endeavors.
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