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Breast Cancer in Comics: Inspiring or Crossing the Line?

Legendary comic strip cartoonist Tim Batiuk, creator of Funky Winkerbean, made a bold move in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Lisa Moore, wife, mother, and lawyer, was a fictitious cartoon character and one of the stars of Funky Winkerbean. She died last week from breast cancer. Lisa had been battling breast cancer in the comic strip since the 1990s and recently she chose to stop chemotherapy and die in hospice care, all while the newspaper readers looked on.

While many people are praising Batuik's efforts to promote Breast Cancer Awareness in such an uncommon medium, others are angry at his lack of compassion for those that are going through cancer themselves.

I do like that Batuik is trying to help those that are facing their own real life battles with cancer, but I am not sure how I feel about doing it in the comics (aka the Funnies) section of the newspaper. What's your opinion? Do you think it's inspiring or do you think Batuik crossed the line?

(On another note, University Hospitals Ireland Cancer Center in Cleveland has unveiled a fund called Lisa’s Legacy Fund for Cancer Research and Education, named in honor of Batiuk’s character.)


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