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Is Breathing Too Loud in Yoga Rude?

Breathing Too Loud in Yoga Class — Is There Such a Thing?

I know that breathing is an essential part of yoga, but is there such a thing as too loud? During my last yoga class, I was next to someone who was breathing so loud that it distracted me from my own practice. I wondered initially if I was being overly sensitive, until I noticed students in the row ahead of me were also distracted while looking back at her during the seated twist pose. Adding to her very loud (and long) inhalations, she also had a tendency to moan loudly while in certain poses — especially Child's Pose. And while I always expect to hear a heightened state of breath in any yoga class, her breathing was aggressive sounding, like what you might expect from an Ashtanga class, where ujjayi pranayama is the norm.

I appreciate any student that loves the principles of yoga, but is keeping your breath at a reasonable level during a basic flow class an OK expectation to have?

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