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katygirlthing katygirlthing 10 years
omg her bump is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 10 years
She doesn't look pregnant except in that alien looking belly. Wow.
chibarosa chibarosa 10 years
I wonder if she goes to the same gym that Jennifer Garner was photographed at. It looks like someone took these photos from inside the gym while she was working out. That is just too much of an invasion of privacy in my opinion.
northcarolinag2 northcarolinag2 10 years
She looks great! I have always liked her
candy-apple candy-apple 10 years
everyone's looking at her bump?! i say look at her butt and legs! my friend's sister is a high school cheerleading captain and her thighs are still larger that bridget's. and bridget's 9 months pregnant! this can't be healthy...
katiecake katiecake 10 years
OH she is so ready to go ! Look how she has dropped since that second pic(side view) w/ the gray top on.....
Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 10 years
Holy Moly! Her bumb is GINORMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never ever want to get preggers, it looks SO uncomfortable!!! It looks like you could take a needle to her stomach and pop it! haha! Ew, placenta.....HA! I just gave everyone a gross visual.
blackjade blackjade 10 years
I think it's awesome. As long as she's not pushing too hard I say go to the gym until your water breaks!! Plus, it may help her keep her mind off things (hello child birth). I hope that when I'm pregnant I'm still doing a paired down version of my current work out.
ditorres ditorres 10 years
i wonder, how much weight has she gained?
orangeflower orangeflower 10 years
I think b/c she's so tiny it looks that much more exaggerated (her belly). Take Selma Hayek (and most people), she's fuller all over and it's not such a shocker to see.
rubialala rubialala 10 years
I guessed that she was having a boy by the way she is carrying. She looks ready to be done.
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
LilPeaPod - I was thinking the EXACT same thing!!!!
bgirl bgirl 10 years
i love her because she's cute, classy, and independent...even with this whole tom brady/gisele thing. when i saw these pictures i couldn't believe them! she has a huge belly and she is so little! the bump even looks a bit painful :-\
bizzybee bizzybee 10 years
I'd seen these photos on another site. They made me worry a bit for her. It just seemed so close to her due date, which is supposedly tomorrow. She must be having a C-section since the date appears to be so firm and there's been also discussion of scheduling.
Seraphim Seraphim 10 years
WoW shes SO tiny with a HUGE bump :) hehe
jhuck jhuck 10 years
She's having a basketball! Congrats!
kristyrk kristyrk 10 years
OMG is her stomach for real!?! No wonder I'm afraid to have kids!!
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