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Brittany Dawn's Body-Image Instagram

A Trainer's Message to All Women: Stomach Rolls Happen to Everyone

Have you ever had someone take a picture of you sitting on the beach, lounging by the pool, or leaned over with your stomach exposed and thought "I look so fat!"?

Not all angles are flattering — and it has nothing to do with your body being anything less than perfect. Take it from Brittany Dawn, who CLEARLY has a six pack (and what looks like 2 percent body fat), but from this angle? She's got rolls just like the rest of us. Looking at her, you would never think, "Ugh, look at the rolls!" Just keep that in mind — people aren't thinking that about you, either.

We love Brittany Dawn's body-positive approach, and how she's keeping it very real on social media. "That 'flaw' that you see in yourself daily is a flaw that some other women might wish they had. Embrace them," she said in her caption. "The sooner you learn to love the quirks that make you, YOU... the more grounded you'll be."

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