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Brown Rice vs. Whole Wheat Linguine

I was in a nutritional and culinary quandary the other night and couldn't decide if I should serve the main dish of my dinner over rice or pasta.

I had made a tasty Asian style skirt steak with green beans. The sauce was spicy and I wanted to serve the dish with some kind of carb to catch every drop. Instead of making my usual long grain brown rice, I made some whole wheat linguine by De Cecco. I was hoping the pasta would work similarly to buckwheat soba noodles. The pasta was great and the dish was a success, but the ordeal led me to wonder, what is the nutritional difference between these two foods?

To see what I discovered,

Serving size Calories Fat Calories Carbs (g) Fiber (g) Protein (g)
2 ounces (uncooked) Whole Wheat Linguine 180 15 35 7 8
4 ounces cooked long grain rice 170 4 38 3 3

Although they are quite similar in terms of calories, the traditional serving size for pasta is smaller than rice. However, the pasta has double the fiber and protein when compared to brown rice. Plus the pasta doesn't take nearly as long to cook. I am not saying you should replace rice completely, but consider trying some whole wheat noodles next time you are looking for a starch to go with your saucy meal.

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