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Brush Your Teeth After Meals to Keep From Snacking

Stop the Snacking With Brushing

Would you like some coffee, tea, or perhaps a toothbrush? When the last crumb is in your mouth and the hot beverages have been sipped, consider heading to the bathroom for a quick brush of the pearly whites for a postmeal habit.

Your teeth can benefit from the fresh toothpaste and bristles as you rub all the food and acidic matter off your teeth, but it can also keep you from snacking throughout the rest of the night. You could still sneak a bite, but really, who wants to go through the bedtime brushing and flossing ritual twice?

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taylvs3 taylvs3 6 years
This is helpful to stop snacking, but be careful depending on what you've been eating. Sodas and citric acids in fruit can weaken your enamel, and it's better to swish water in your mouth after eating/drinking those than to brush your teeth right after b/c that can be too harsh for already weakened teeth.
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