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Buh-Bump HRM Electrode Cream

Many people get frustrated with their heart rate monitors (HRM) because if they have dry skin, don't sweat a lot, or any other reason (hairy chest), the HRM ends up not functioning the way it should.

HRM technology is based on reading the body's electric current, which varies from person to person. To ensure a proper heart rate display, heart rate monitor manufacturers stress the importance of wet electrodes, which is why most HRM users lick or spit on their transmitters. While saliva does work for some people, others find it gross, unsanitary, and ineffective. If you've found that your HRM does not seem to be working the way it should be all the time then you may want to consider getting an electrode cream to help the issue. Buh-Bump HRM Electrode Cream is one that a few of my pals use and swear by it. My HRM seems to work fine without it, but if you're having problems it's worth a shot at $5.95. Just two little dabs on the transmitter is all it takes, so one bottle should last you a while.

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klandrach klandrach 9 years
That is interesting. My main complaint isn't that mine doesn't work, it's that it is uncomfortable to wear. Always seems to rub against my sports bra funny.
adelka adelka 9 years
Oh, I sweat plenty for mine to work. Ha.
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