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After watching on the green tips and electricity free exercise this week on The Biggest Loser, I got to thinking (always a dangerous activity). Why don't we generate electricity from our exercise and make that pedal power turn into actual power?

Well, somebody asked that same question and created a answer. Windstream Power, renewable energy pioneers, have actually created some ways to recapture your energy. My favorite is the Human Power Trainer that combines an indoors bike trainer with a permanent magnet DC generator, which is placed under the back wheel. The friction created by the motion of the back wheel produces electricity in the generator. The amount of electrical power generated is determined by the weight (friction is part of the equation, remember) and strength of the cyclist.

While a cycling pro can create 300 watts at a sustained rate, it is estimated that the average person can generate about 150 watts. The entire system costs a pretty penny though and you can expect to pay $595 for the Human Power System and additional amount for the portable power pack. But think about the motivation: recoup losses by creating your own electricity and burn some calories.

To learn more of the technical detail you should definitely visit

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Spectra Spectra 9 years
Ha, my husband actually made something like this. He took a stationary bike and wired it to an alternator and a battery pack. When you pedal the bike, the alternator charges up the battery pack and then you can use the battery pack to power things. It was kind of neat...I could power the TV for a good half hour on it. Of course, my husband saw ME power the TV and thought he could do it too...he wore himself out after 2 minutes, but he COULD power the little radio for a while. It was weird...the more power the appliance took, the faster you had to pedal. I think we still have it in the garage husband jumps on it sometimes when he gets cold in the garage, lol.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
This is very interesting...
ktacce ktacce 9 years
exercise. i really need to start spellchecking myself! ugh!
ktacce ktacce 9 years
i'm loving all the outfit changes on sugar - and your red ipod, fit! :) i'm wondering if there is a gym that can power itself by all the exercize that takes place - i bet my gold's gym could totally keep the lights on with all the running, cycling and rowing that takes place in there!!!
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