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Burn More Calories With a Workout Buddy

How a Workout Buddy Increases Your Calorie Burn

Hanging out with like-minded friends is the best way to keep on your healthy path. These pals offer emotional support, share cooking tips, and even make great workout buddies. Sweating it out with someone else helps you burn more calories — here's how:

They Make You Accountable
When you're planning to go for a solo run early in the morning, it's easy to hit the snooze button and skip out. It's not so easy if you know your sneaker-wearing buddy will be at your front door in 15 minutes. A fitness buddy will help you stick to a regular weekly fitness routine, and more workouts per week equal more calories burned.

Longer Workouts
Chatting away on a hike makes you forget you're even exercising. When working out solo, you might look at the clock every few minutes to calculate how much time you have left, but when you're having such a good time catching up, you forget about the time. That usually means you'll be more inclined to work out longer than you would on your own. Longer workouts translate into more burned calories.


Keep reading to find out more ways an exercise buddy helps you burn extra calories.

New Workouts
When exercising alone, it's easy to get stuck in a rut. But a workout buddy will spice things up by teaching you new killer arm exercises or dragging you to Zumba. Staying interested in your fitness life will keep you motivated so you're less apt to skip on workouts. Plus, mixing up your routine challenges muscles differently, building strength and endurance.

A Little Friendly Competition
When you see your buddy do 20 push-ups in a row, a little voice inside you will say, "If she can do 20, so can I!" Or you can actively compete by racing to the top of the hill on bikes or seeing who can hold headstand the longest. The competition from your buddy will give you the same extra push you'd get from a personal trainer, but they don't cost a dime!

Fitness Goal Inspiration
Whether it's convincing you to sign up for your first half marathon or inspiring you to run a mile in under 10 minutes, setting goals will increase your training and your intensity, which helps you burn extra calories.

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