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David Kirsch’s Thanksgiving Recovery: Back-to-Business Fitness

The following post was written by New York-based trainer David Kirsch.

After Thanksgiving, the first step is getting rid of all the leftovers — not only the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie but the extra pounds left over on your waistline. If you’re experiencing that little extra bulge from overeating and under exercising, it’s not the time to give up on your fitness and diet routine. Rather, it’s the perfect time to step up your wellness program and take some compensatory actions!

Considering that the average person ingests between 3000-4500 calories and over 200 grams of fat during the Thanksgiving meal, this will take more than one workout to burn off (unless you can run at a moderate pace for four hours, swim for five hours, or walk for 30 miles!). Make a commitment to exercise consistently each day this week.

To get back to your pre-holiday shape, I recommend getting in at least 45 minutes of cardio to incinerate calories and burn fat. Here are my Kirsch-approved cardio prescriptions:

Run for 30 minutes or more. Vary your speed. Add hills/inclines to your run. Do no less than quarter-mile sprints (5.5 to 6.0 m.p.h. on treadmill). To make it more challenging, try running backwards!
Running not your thing? Then keep reading for more cardio options.
Elliptical Trainer
Train for 30 minutes or more. Keep machine at a level that gets your heart pumping without burning out your muscles. While on the machine, sit back on your heels and stick your butt out as much as possible. Don’t stand up straight.


Rowing Machine
Set the machine to levels 5-7. Do no less than 2,500 to 5,000 meters. This should take between 10 and 30 minutes. You should feel a burn in your butt. Press through the heels and extend legs. Keep your abs tight and relax your trapezius muscles. For variety, alternate gripping the handles over- and underhand and pulling high and low into your torso.

Outdoor Cycling and Spinning
Spend 45 minutes of high intensity cycling, mixing in hills/inclines and sprints. To up your intensity, shift to a harder gear or pick up your rotations per minute (rpm or pedal speed). Try to keep your rpm at 80 or higher. (This type of workout cannot be done on a stationary bike with the same results.)

Swimming Laps
Spend 30 minutes or more swimming the crawl stroke, breast stroke or any other stroke. To keep your workouts balanced, swim laps using different strokes to vary the muscles you work.

Jump Rope
Work up to 30 minutes or more. If you can’t jump continuously, alternate push-ups or jumping jacks with shoulder presses or frog jumps in between sets.

So stay off the sofa! Get out there and sweat — a real, dripping, pink-cheeked sweat — and keep at it. You’ll be back to business in no time!

For more tips, recipes, and workouts, be sure to check out all of David's posts here on FitSugar.

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