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CDC Reports More Than Half of Americans Take Supplements

More Than Half of Americans Take Supplements — Do You?

I've never been a fan of supplements, even during my Flintstones vitamin days. Between having to remember to take them and the odd tastes of some of them (yes you, fish oil), I prefer to get my nutrients from the farmers market.

But according to a new report from the CDC, I'm in the minority. More than half of adults in the US take a supplement of some sort, including multivitamins (almost 40 percent of Americans take them), minerals, herbs, and other ways we try to get our recommended daily values outside of food.

I may not be a fan, but supplements do have their place. Doctors recommend anything from multivitamins for people on restricted diets to folic acid during pregnancy, and others, like vitamin D and calcium, have proven to be beneficial.

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