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Caffeine Makes You Speedy, Literally

I couldn't live without my post-run morning cup of joe, but as it turns out I might want to have some of that joe before hitting the pavement. After being tested for over 30 years by sports physiologist, it is now unequivocally known that caffeine can make you faster. It improves performance in almost every type of exercise from running to rowing, from swimming to cycling. Caffeine helps not only in short speedy sprints, but also helps increase endurance and strength.

Researchers believe caffeine's effect is three-fold. First, it has been shown that caffeine helps the body burn fat as fuel, instead of just glycogen. Muscles have glycogen fuel stores that usually last for about 30 minutes or 300 calories worth of exercise, so in using some fat as fuel the muscles gain increases in endurance. Caffeine also releases calcium stored in the muscles helping athletes go farther and faster. The third reason involves caffeine's effect on the mind and how it perceives exhaustion.

To learn how to find the appropriate caffeine dose, just


Between one to five milligrams of caffeine per kilo of body weight can help to improve your performance by up to five percent. However, nine mg per kilo of caffeine can actually decrease your performance, so don't go overboard. The good news for all us coffee addicts, caffeine can still make you speedy even if you're a regular coffee drinker. I ask you, do you drink caffeine before your workout?


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